Constructing a Shed

I’ve found this tutorial, How to Build a Dream Shed,  to be very helpful in describing the details of  standard construction. Lot’s of great detail, well explained.
Find all 15 videos over at Country Life Projects »

McCabe’s Cob Castle

Kevin McCabe is featured in the TV Show Grand Designs.


Whole Earth Summit

Whole Earth Summit

Whole Earth Summit is a live event, happening now, March 11-13th, 2014.

Wood Burning 2.0 Video

Ernie and Erica star in a 4-DVD series. The centerpiece in this series is the rocket mass heater. Possibly the cleanest and most sustainable way to heat a conventional home. This started off as an advanced rocket mass heater workshop which quickly sold out. People asked for it to be videoed and they would pay to see the video.

4-DVD series or streaming video available at

Stucco Plastering with Giordano

I tried my hand at cement based plastering this year. It is very different than working with adobe mud, that’s for sure. Everything is store bought: paper, staples, wire, cement, additives, etc. All the steps after the mesh are the same as far as plastering goes; scratch coat, brown ( or infill ) coat and finish. Though the cementous material itself has completely different properties. Having only worked with earthen plaster I needed some instruction.
That’s where Kirk Giordano Plastering came in. He is to stucco plastering what Bob Ross is to painting. He takes the time to explain what tools, mixes, treatment and finishes they use. A good resource for learning the conventional plastering trade.