Fruth and Brown Cob House

Fruth & Brown Cob House

Kindra Welch, a cob builder and designer, posted the the construction process of a cob house built for Jennifer Fruth and Robert Brown. It’s located in Lockhart, Texas about 30 miles from Austin.
What an awe-inspiring house. The quality and attention to detail really shows. The interior sculpting is delightful. The process shows the use of a bobcat for loading wet cob to where it needs to be. That must be nice! In the end, the entire cob house was lime rendered on the exterior.
Nice work!


Update: Kindra kindly sent this photo and said I better credit cob builder Sara
Schmidt for her part in the project too!

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  • Jackie says:

    Wow that is one amazing home! I go to school at A&M it’s close-ish to Lockhart and some of my friends and I are trying to build a garden tool shed on campus for our community garden we started. We have no clue what we’re doing but it’s sure fun doing it!

  • gaile says:

    Oh that is one gorgeous house. Thanks for all the great links to projects – sometimes it’s just the inspiration we need to keep moving forward with our goals. and it’s SO good to know there are other houses out there, and see what folks are doing with the concepts. Thanks!!