Making Wheat Paste

Wheat paste is often used in earthen plasters, floors, finishes and alis that need a little extra ‘glue’. It add stickiness and durability. It can keep earthen plaster surfaces from dusting off. We’ve also used it for sticking bike posters to the L.A. landscape ;)
It’s super easy to make…

Wheat Paste Recipe:

2 cups of flour + 2 quarts of water or 1 gallon of water + 4 cups of flour

Add the flour to a little cold water while whisking it in. Just enough to make a soup.
Add water and flour concoction to boiling water and turn to low heat or off. Stir until the mix starts to turn clear.
You can send it through a sieve to remove lumps for fine finishes.
Store the wheat paste in a clean jar with a tight fitting lid. The paste will keep for a few weeks if refrigerated.

Application to earthen mixtures:

Add 20- 25% wheat paste to a plaster or clay paint.

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  • noTox says:

    Yes, indeed. Use this all the time for hanging wallpaper, as a kids’ fun and messy glue, and various papier machĂ© projects.