The Cob Mob Rocket

Cob Mob Rocket Stove

The Cob Mob, Karyn Stillwell Temple and Jason Temple, retrofitted their little cottage’s sheet metal fireplace with a Rocket Stove thermal mass heater.
The stove features a heated day bed/sitting platform and utilizes the existing chimney flue.

“The heated day bed/seat coming out into the room works well for this space; it gently partitions the room into two spaces. At the end of a hard day’s work the day bed is THE place to find me sprawled out on my back, healing my sore muscles. Our heat seeking Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy also covets the stove and spent every winter evening laying on it when we weren’t. In this photo he is forgoing the soft pillows in favor of the serious heat coming through the blanket (necessary after 4 hours of firing). This picture was actually taken the morning after a firing, everything is still hot.” – Jason Temple

Karyn and Jason live in Australia, where they share their knowledge and passion for cob. They offer design consultation and assistance to those involved with natural building projects, and work with schools and community groups to develop cob projects that improve their local environment, get people working together and having fun.

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