Portland Hostel

Portland Hostel

I had the good fortune of roaming around Portland, Oregon for a few days after my friend’s wedding. Surely I wanted to see what’s been happening on the cob and public art scene there, since it’s been so long since I’ve lived there. The Portland Hostel gazebo was new to me. It is similar to other artfully crafted places created by City Repair, though I’m not sure it was one of their initiatives. Fantastic! I love seeing cob art on the streets of a major city. This was particularly well done and a comfortable sanctuary off of busy Hathorne Blvd.

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3 Responses

  • Eric says:

    Too bad you missed the cob on the other side of the river at the PSU campus. There’s a bench structure (similar to this) along with an earthen oven.

  • copper says:

    Gasp! you took time off from building ;) Missing you in Minnesota. I hate to say it but I miss cob – trading that in for ancient sewer pipes in the city has been rough… what we all do for love..


    Say hello next time you come home…

  • gaile says:

    We’re moving to portland this summer, and the things they’ve done with urban cob was no small part of the appeal. Wish we’d been there on your trip through this time. Maybe next time you come through we can meet. I’m looking forward to being in a city with like-minded people!