David Sheen Photo Essays

We are happy to announce that I Love Cob! will be hosting some of David Sheen’s natural building photo essays…

Cascadia Cob
beautiful healthy houses made of monolithic adobe along the West Coast of North America
Cascadia Cob 2005
sequel to “Cascadia Cob,” more earthen buildings from a road trip up the Left Coast
Portland Pilgrimage 2005
mud structures built in the last year alone in the capital city of cob
U. K. Cob
earthen buildings in the United Kingdom, some in continuous use for over 500 years
Little House on the Sahel
communities of beautiful healthy houses made of earth in northern Ghana, West Africa
Ethiopian Earth
a six-part photo essay on natural building all across this East African country
Castles Made of Clay
the ultimate proof positive of the power of mud, the adobe skyscrapers of Yemen
Mud Masters
present-day mud-brick home builders in Yemen, from forms to floors to finishing