Firespeaking Wood-Fired Barrel Oven

I want one!  Here you can see the Wood-Fired Barrel Oven constructed at the Natural Building Extravaganza.
Learn more at Fire Speaking » Natural Building.


Check out the Build Your Own Barrel Oven book.



Cunning Oven Builders

Nate Cunnings sent me a photo a while back of a creative cob oven called The Smokin’ Tuna Oven. Looks like Nate and friends have been busy building more pyro-works of art. Above is a photo of his Wild Rose Oven.

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Baking Bread in My Cob Oven

Bread from the cob oven

Have you ever heard the expression “I’m a builder not a baker”?  It’s funny,  until recently, I’ve made more cob ovens than loaves of bread.

My friends Kevin and Kristy ( KK ) came for a visit and we reconstructed the Oasis cob oven.  The size was a little too small and it had seen a years-worth of weather, so I destroyed the dome.  That’s what I love about cob… you can start over, with ease, creating a whole new form.  This time made it a little taller inside and added a chimney stack just for fun.   So, it took a while to  get all the elements in place…  remodeling the oven, gathering ingredients, and researching recipes.  But then one day, it was all together, and it was time to bake. Continue Reading…

Diva Cob Oven

Diva Cob Oven

I’ve been spending some time at my brother Matt’s place in San Diego.  My  sister-in-law, Armida – the Diva,  has been known to cook ( ArmidaCooks.com )  so I built a cob oven for them in the  back yard.

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Oh, I’ve also added a few pictures to the  Cob Oven Group on Flickr »

Cob Oven Video

I ran across this wonderfully produced video documenting a skillfully crafted cob oven on YouTube. It’s titled The Making of a Cob Oven. The video was produced at Finca Ipe and posted by Zebede67. Very nice!