Wattle & Daub

wattle and daub twigs

I wanted to create a thin interior in-fill wall the area of approximately 3′ x 3′. Instead of waiting around for lifts of cob to dry I decided to use wattle and daub. The wattle is round wood taken from the forest, stripped of their bark and attached with screws to create a lattice. Traditionally they are woven together.

wattle and daub mud 1

Then I ordered some extra sticky and strawy cob from my cob maker ( my self). The sticky straw holds on to the lattice nicely and gives the wall some girth. I filled from one side, and then from the other. The mix was pretty wet, but it worked.

wattle and daub close up

I coated it with as much mud as it would take, which pretty much filled all 3.5 inches.

wattle and daub finished

It was definitely a quick way to create a small in-fill wall. The cob had enough structure to keep itself upright while still sloppy. Once the mud was applied I smoothed it will my hand and then later with a trowel. This seemed to create a strong unified wall section. I will definitely try this technique again!