Top 10 reasons Artists should try Cob as an artistic medium


  1. It’s sculptable. Almost any shape can be created with cob.
  2. It’s non-toxic. It’s friendly to both you and the earth.
  3. It’s available locally for cheap or for free.
  4. You can re-work it. It’s both additive and subtractive.
  5. It’s sticky and malleable when wet and dries like stone.
  6. Colors- You can use different colored clay and tints.
  7. Finishes – If you’re one for patinas there are hundreds of recipes for finishes. Bee’s wax, lime plasters, manure, paper-cob, straw-flakes – oh the list goes on and on.
  8. Plays well with others – You can use cob with wood, metal, cement, earthbags, strawbales and other materials.
  9. Recycle it. Once your cob object has reached the end of its life span – recycle it. No special accommodation needed. Let it melt away into the earth from which it came.
  10. It feels good… squish.