Moonunit Attacked by Insects

Burrowing wasps or bees or both

Burrowing wasps or bees or both

Two insects; the black wasp and the bubble bee seem to be making a home in the earthen walls of the Moonunit. I couldn’t tell which one has been boring holes into the walls. I’m guessing it’s the wasp doing the digging and the bumble bees are just busy inspecting… crawling in and out. You’d expect the wasp to be a Mud Dauber, but it wasn’t the black and yellow type. It may have been the Organ Pipe Mud Dauber, though it doesn’t look like their nest type. I’m sure there are enough spiders crawling around to make for a meal or two. The Moonunit hasn’t been used too much lately. Constant visitors might scare the insects a way a little. I’m not too concerned about the creatures making a home there, though getting rid of them might be difficult.

The cow manure plaster I used 2 years ago is really holding up well. It’s not tough enough to keep insects from creating holes, but it’s holding up to the weather nicely. I used as much cow poo as possible, sometimes up to half. As I recall the mix was something like 1 part clay, 2 parts sand, 1 part cow manure and straw to taste.

So, earthen walls can have insect issues, but as far as I know every wall type does to some extent.

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  • Laurel says:

    Just wanted to drop a line to let you know I love your blog!

    I hope that you and the flying critters can come to some type of amicable agreement. :)