Cob melts in a beautiful way.


On my trip to the american southwest I came across a mud dwelling that is, ever so gracefully, returning to the earth. In Northern New Mexico, on the way to Christ in the Desert, this old building caught my attention. I don’t know if it was an ancient building from yesteryear or an abandon project from recent times. Either way I was taken by the splendor of melting cob.

The site sits comfortably in the rolling and jagged hills of the SW desert. Quiet, except the trickling river below. The building had two rooms, neither larger than maybe 9 x 9 feet. The walls had been melting for a while. Upon closer inspection of the 1 foot thick walls I could see grasses and mud were used. It seemed to me to be cobbed together instead of adobe brick, but I could be wrong.

There was something very peaceful about the place… very right about this dwelling and how it’s disintegrating back into the earth from which it came. You can hardly tell the difference between the landscape and the building, maybe it’s because there isn’t any…

melting melting melting
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