Linseed Oil on Earthen Floor

Linseed oiled earthen floor
The finish on our earthen floor consisted of a adobe mixture of 1 clay to 2 sand, chopped straw, and some El Rey 200. I troweled a red iron oxide into the final mud coat and then later sponged more into the surface. To seal the floor we used boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. It’s recommended that you warm up the oil, but we just left it in the sun for a while. The first coat was straight linseed oil with just a splash of spirits. The second was cut almost 50-50.

Spontaneous Combustion!

Burnt spongeSince I do not like the stink of the oil I opted to only put two coats on. Later in the afternoon…
The sponge I used to apply the linseed oil and spirits started to smolder. Pew. It was on fire and it was in the house! I’m so glad I found it before it got out of control.

A word to the wise: When a container says “Product may spontaneously combust” – believe it!

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