I Love Google SketchUp!

Recently my neighbor was showing me his designs for his kitchen in Google SketchUp. He had constructed detailed cabinetry with all the proper dimensions and wood members. As he changed his decisions and adapted the design before my eyes… “I Want!” I said. Both for him to build me cabinets and to know how to SketchUp. I had played around with it before, but quickly got frustrated as a complete noobie. Lately I’ve been spending a little time learning how to make stuff. It’s great! I’m still fond of the paper and pencil, but this is so much more accurate and fun as you move around the space you create. I find that one can get a little OCD inside this App, so make sure your Saturday afternoon is free.

I came across The Tiny House Blog’s How to Draw a Tiny House in Google SketchUp. Michael Janzen has done a great job of explaining the tools and his process for creating a Tiny House on wheels. Very helpful! If your thinking about building your (tiny) home or spend a lot of time fantasizing about it I highly recommend downloading Google SketchUp and having a look at Michael’s tutorials.

3 Responses

  • rayneberry says:

    I love your website! I have learned much from reading the past years of posts! Please keep posting! I share many posts on my facebook site

    Please join and post anything that has to do with becoming self sustainable..I am currently still a slave to the man, but I have become very aware over the last few years, and am in the process of finding land etc.

    Again thanks for your inspiration!

  • unclecharlie says:

    One of the best SketchUp resources is the “Design click build” blog at Fine Woodworking. They have been writing about SketchUp for several years and recently published a good book.


  • Merry says:

    Ooo, this looks like fun! Not that I need another excuse to spend time online or anything. But, ya, I think I could get lost down this rabbit hole for a while.