H.U.G. Eco Campus

HUG Campus

The Hunt Utilities Group, LLC has created a large research office building constructed with strawbale and cob up in the Northland of Minnesota. Much of the work has been documented in their website www.hugllc.com. Their guiding philosophy is to shorten the loop by using local construction materials, local energy sources ( the sun ), raising food locally, and recycling water… To be a symbiont, not a parasite.

Cob Art - Roots
This wonderful artwork created by Pete Anderson.
Photo by Paul Hunt.

Goals for the Research Campus

  • Every building will be able to heat and cool itself without fossil fuel
  • The campus will create no sewage effluent
  • Some of the houses will use little or no additional water other than what falls upon their roofs
  • Use permaculture in the planning, development and growth of the campus
  • Raise food in adjoining greenhouses for ongoing harvest year round
  • Build a community that lives in a manner that is sustainable without degrading the environment

Hunt Utilities Group, LLC
2502 24th St SW
Pine River, MN 56474
(218) 587-5001
Fax (218) 587-5002

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Update: Jan 2006
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