Hemp Housing

Hemp House

Hemp? This plant has to be one of the most amazing and versatile plants ever. You can create clothing, paper, fiberboard, fuels, food, soap, rope, sails, oils, plastics and bales. Hemp, like marijuana, is species of Cannabis sativa, though it’s psychoactive (THC) properties are minimal.
It might sound like a new idea, but people have been using hemp as a building material for a while.
It’s insane that this material is illegal to farm in the United States.

4Cs house The Fleming College Sustainable Building Design & Construction Program in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada, are using hemp bales in their project. The Haliburton 4C’s Sustainable Building Project of 2005 was a 1800 sq. ft. eco 4C’s Food Bank and Lily Ann Thrift Store. They made use of grid-tied solar electric, hemp bales, earthen plasters and a earthen floor. The have a extensive online journal.

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  • Quique Hempseed says:

    I concur with my friend above. The word marijuana originated in mexico through cultural and vocabulary movements.

    The real name is Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis=Hemp, Sativa=Useful.

    Put them together, Useful Hemp.

    Thanks a bunch for the info ;)

  • person says:

    hey, dont call it ‘marijuana’. thats bullshit, because thats the name the bumbleclot government gave it to confuse people. thanks :D