Dewalt Drill

Dewalt drill

Dewalt Heavy-Duty 1/2″ (13mm) Spade Handle Drill – DW130V

You can’t go wrong investing in the right tools!
I’ve been using cheapo drills for mixing materials and have burnt out two drills now. There’s nothing like have to right tool for the job!
Dewalt seems to have a good reputation, but overall you may pay more for the quality.

The Dewalt become invaluable for creating clay slip. I soak clay material in an old bath tub for a day or two. The drill eliminates rogue clumps of clay left over after a soak. It turns the mix into a perfect creamy slip, mmm – creamy goodness. It whips it right into shape.
I’ve also been mixing a lime plaster with this drill and a paint mixer attachment. It is so good for this purpose! It even seems to get into the bottom corners, that you can never reach while mixing by hand or stick. I use a 3 sand to 1 lime mix in a 5 gallon bucket. The drill is very effective mixing this amount of material. Having a 1/2″ chuck size comes in handy when using different attachments. I have a paint mixer, and a few home made attachments for mixing.

Variable speed reversing switch avoids air bubbles
when mixing mud and offers greater control when drilling0-550 RPM provides increased torque for drilling and mud mixing

9.0 AMPS, 120V motor provides enough power for any job site application

7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg) increases user productivity and decreases user fatigue

Soft grip handle provides superior comfort and ergonomics

2-position rear spade handle and 3-position side handle gives greater
control for all drilling and mixing applications

Chuck Size 1/2 ”
No Load Speed 0-550 rpm
Max Watts Out 580 W
Gear Reduction Triple
Capacity In Wood (Spade Bit) 1-1/2 ”
Capacity In Wood (Self-Feed) 2-9/16 ”
Capacity In Wood (Hole Saw) 5 ”
Capacity In Wood (Auger Bit) 1-1/2 ”
Capacity In Steel (Twist Bit) 1/2 ”
Capacity In Steel (Hole Saw) 3 ”
Tool Weight 7.5 lbs
Shipping Weight 8.9 lbs
Amps 9.0 Amps

3-position side handle
chuck key with holder
2-position rear spade handle


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  • projectpurity says:

    I’m personally all for cordless tools. I’ve looked into the 24V and 18V versions of this drill and am very much pleased by the stat sheet in comparison to the Black & Decker or the Ryobi.