Cob Hot Tub


You Can Make The Best Hot Tub Ever! I’ve started on a cob hot tub. Well, the tub is actually a cast iron. I covered it with cob around the sides and hope to build a chimney too. This project has been inspired by Becky Bee’s book “You Can Make
THE BEST HOT TUB EVER!”. It’s a fun book to read and makes you want to start soaking.

The fire burns under the tub and makes it’s way to the flew. It can get really hot… so much so that you need to rest your tookus on a piece of wood. This tub has been left to the elements. It’s been a experiment to see how the cob degrades over time. I hope to finish it soon. I’m considering a lime / clay plaster for the finish.

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  • paul russell says:

    Hi, I three hot tubs over the last 4 yrs. the first was with a regular cast iron tub though very shallow i tried to make cob but didnt get it packed in good (can you say smoke inhalation)the second was a nice deep cast iron which worked well, but i traded it for an even deeper cattle tub (steel) my only problem has been getting the smoke tunnel to stay open and the chimney high enough. But i have spent many a night staring at the stars in my tub. It is my favorite place in the world. If there are others please post pictures, or tell me where there are some. Blessed Bee.