Casa De Barro

Casa De Barro

Aime Desponds created an amazing casa de barro, or mud house, at his rancho Mogorcito. The process is well documented at his website
View the entire building process here »

Aime Desponds was born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1940. After graduating from mechanical engineering in the 1960s, he traveled to mexico where he worked at his uncle’s restaurant. Since 1985, Aime worked as a chef at a restaurant in Santa Ana, California until his retirement in 2005.

Aime was seeking a new twist in his life, and in 1992 he found out that while enjoying the culinary art, he also wanted to be involved in drawing and painting. He then enrolled in art classes in some community colleges in Orange County. It was in looking for information on how to build a clay oven, that he discovered natural construction. In 2003 he took a cob workshop with Linda and Ianto Evans in the Santa Barbara mountains. The contact with mud as a building material and a sculptable matter was an amazing discovery that would affect his life forever.

As he plunged his bare hands and feet into the mud, he felt instantly connected with nature. He knew that this fantastic discovery would fit perfectly with his way of thinking and his artful soul. Thus, he decided to build himself a cob house.

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  • gaile says:

    wow, that is absolutely breathtaking. I would be forever inspired to cook in a kitchen like that. thanks for sharing this one with us!