Tool: Bondo Spreader

bondo spreaders I’m trying my hand at structolite ( plaster of paris and perlite ) and fine sand as a base coat for a diamond finish.  Something completely new for me, as I’ve usually used a clay alis over a earthen plaster or homemade lime plaster.   I am shaping with earthen plaster then adding structolite for a super smooth finish. My goal is to get a dust-free, durable finish in the kitchen and bath areas.

I was at the hardware store looking for helpful tips from the old-timers. One was a plastic spreader for applying and shaping the plaster.  One can use old yogurt lids, sans the rim, for applying and burnishing  – it’s the same idea.

After using the bondo spreaders for a short time I’m convinced these are worth having in the toolbox.  It’s a little thicker plastic and doesn’t break as fast as yogurt lids.  This pack has small, medium and large.
Great tools for getting in those strange tight spaces.