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Wood Burning 2.0 Video

Ernie and Erica star in a 4-DVD series. The centerpiece in this series is the rocket mass heater. Possibly the cleanest and most sustainable way to heat a conventional home. This started off as an advanced rocket mass heater workshop which quickly sold out. People asked for it to be videoed and they would pay to see the video.

4-DVD series or streaming video available at

Innovative Rocket Stove Designs

Matt Remine love’s to tool on rocket stoves.  You can tell, look at the Rocket Mass Heater Half Barrel System video. Matt shares some ideas like: front loading batch configuration, windows!, reducing costs while using ubiquitous 55 gallon barrels as structure.  I can imagine many outdoor star-gazing parties on this toasty rocket!
Look for more of Matt and his innovations building rockets.

Living with the Rocket Stove

There was a crisis in Northern New Mexico this winter. The natural gas was turned off.  The gas from Texas just stopped flowing!
People were left in the cold for a week.  This in turn taxed the electrical grid. Since those without gas were using electric heaters. Placing the electrical grid in danger of outage too.  A single pipe controlled the comfort and possibly the survival of thousands of households and businesses.
This scenario got me thinking about how fragile this system really is.  I barely even noticed as I threw another stick in the rocket stove.

I created the Solunit Rocket Stove mass heater about 3 years ago.  This is the first winter that I’ve fully depended on it. I was a little nervous, because it can be very cold here in the winter and this was to be my primary heat source. Continue Reading…

Video Tour of 12 Rocket Stove Mass Heaters

Paul Wheaton gives us a video tour  of 12 different  Rocket Stove Mass Heaters and their components.  He also posted a summary of the Pyromania Workshop he attended  at “Cobville“. These are great videos for getting to know some of the intricacies of the rocket stove while they are built.  Follow the rocket stove discussion at

Solunit Rocket

Solunit Rocket Mass heater

Solunit Rocket Mass heater

This year I created another rocket stove mass heater.  This time with the benefit of experience.  I have to admit, when I constructed the Moonunit Rocket, I was flying by the seat of my pants. Guess it was a big experiment, but then again, so was this one!
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