Mud Cookies

The mud mix I used for the floor and rocket stove, dried for later use.

These cookies are from the finish alis used on my floor and rocket stove. When ever you’ve been mixing mud, specifically a color finish, it’s a great idea to dry out the remaining mix for later use. Make mud cookies! You’ll thank yourself when you need to do a little repair. Just add water, mix and apply. No color matching = easy.

Clay Culture

Carole Crews has published the long awaited book Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints and Preservation.  It’s now available on her site only!

Carole grew up in the Northern New Mexico culture where working with mud ( adobe, cob, or earthen building) is still very much alive.  She shares the history of the area and her experience melding art and mud with over 25 years of professional experience and experimentation.  In the true do-it-yourself spirit Carole wrote and designed the book her self. Offering  a unique wealth of knowledge and collection of photographs.

I took a little excerpt from the book, since Carole is famous for her alis finishes…

Carole’s Favorite Alis Recipe

6 qt. batch ( approx 150 sq. ft.)

Measure one gallon water into a bucket
Whisk in 5 qt powered kaolin clay
2 qt fine sand and /or ( preferably) whiting
2 qt mica ( fine flakes or powder )
1 handful of chopped straw ( optional )
1 handful of mica chips ( optional )
Slaked pigment as needed for color ( optional )
1 qt. cooked starch paste  ( wheat, rice or cornstarch ) or 1 cup casein or butter milk or a combination of binders

Earth’s Premade Mix

Clay and Sand

Geological materials co-mingling into a perfect earthen mixture.  This photo was taken where a fine, light colored sand lays next to adobe clay. It’s delicious to think how these materials are so raw and how somewhere in there mother earth is making a perfect mix!
I’ve used this fine sand mixed with regular adobe dirt, red clay and kaolin clay. Making a variety of different colored alis mixes or earthen paints.

Alis Recipe

60% kaolin clay
40% whiting, sand, and or mica
* Add a cup+ of wheat paste per 5 gallons