Path to Freedom

Homegrown Revolution – Radical Change Taking Root

Spade in hand - pathtofreedom.comPath to Freedom is a very inspiring website, and cast of characters. The Dervaes turned their urban 1/5 acre lot in to a organic micro-farm; producing 55 to 85% of there own food. They are leading by example. Challenging us to become local, to connect with nature, think about our lifestyle and what is happening with our food supply.

It is our responsibility to know how to feed ourselves. Instead of marching down to the local mega-chain market, seek out local farmers, farmers markets or plant seeds in your kitchen window sill. No lawns left behind… start to mulch your yard; preparing the soil for a new life as a food producing garden. Learn about permaculture and plants that will grow in your bioregion. There are few things we really need. If our bellies are full all else is possible.

If you want to be a revolutionary – grow your own food!

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  • Red Icculus says:

    I like in particular how they included edible landscaping in their plan. I say that as I watch my neighbor watering his perfectly manicured lawn. This video is inspiring for sustainable living!