New Natural Building Sites

I’m very happy to announce that this Earth Day we are revealing two new natural building sites on the web!Natural Building Network

After almost  three years of volunteer development, it’s complete.  Well, kinda… like anything on the web, it’s ever-changing.  The new NBN website (2.0)  is live, with member events, member profiles, official NBN News and natural building Articles.  I believe the Natural Building Network will be the information resource on the web for natural building and related topics.  There are many new features still in the works, so stay tuned!

Visit the Natural Building Network »

Cob Workshops
Cob Workshops is a free listing for cob building workshops and events.

The new Cob Workshops site has a fancy new design and a few new features.  We’ve added the ability to search listings and browse by category.  You can now Add Your Event straight from the web site; no need to email our volunteers.  Many people have expressed that workshops are little out of their price range, so we’ve created a Work Exchange Message Board for those interested in exchanging labor for experience, or for those that are throwing Work Parties and could use some help.  Listing your workshop will always be free, but we’ve added a new service called Feature Your Event, that will advertise your special event on Cob Workshops & I Love Cob!

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