Gizmo – One Less Car


The gizmo Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is a safe, affordable, environmentally effective mode of transportation. It is a single passenger vehicle designed for commuters traveling under 45 miles per trip, or 75% of all drive time.

Oh God – I want one! I usto seen these Gizmo zipping around Portland when I lived there. I was reminded how much I desire one of these lean-clean-machines when I read this article at Treehugger. It’s about ‘Luke Pie Rocker’ and the Gizmo-driven Galatic Pizza and how he is a real super-hero, saving old ladies purses in Minneapolis. There’s a video about Luke on WCCO.

The Gizmos are made by a outfit called the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle ( NEVCO ) in Eugene, Oregon. These lil machines are designed for urban drivers that travel 25 miles a day. It’s not intended for freeway travel at 45 miles an hour, but there are so many miles driven that don’t require the freeway speed or distances. Driving gas machines on short trips is no good for the atmosphere or the cars – it takes time for those internal combustion engines to burn at an efficient rate.
With the Gizmo there is…Ahhhmmm…. NO GAS, NO POLLUTION and super low cost transport. Combine these small vehicals with renewable / clean energy sources and we could make real progress in the transportation revolution. I am a fan of the idea of driving small pods like these around locally and then driving onto a large commuter train for distance travel. Electric pods could be charged while on the train.

If you hear of a used Gizmo for sale, please let me know.