Creating the Oasis Cob Oven

Creating the Oasis Cob Oven

I wanted to make an oven, somewhere to bake some pizza. So I started to work…

First, I started with the concrete form with some welded wire. I screed-ed the concrete to make a even, sturdy surface for the firebricks. Then, I created an earthbag foundation to about waist height.  This was a note from my Dad about his oven – it would be easier to work if you don’t have to bend over.

Packing the earthbags into a mini dome and covering it with some earthen plaster built the base. Somehow I moved the 200 pound concrete slab on top of that. I put a bed of fine sand down and leveled the firebricks.

Next was the sand form. This form would become the space inside of the oven. I created a mixture of sand and water and packed and shaped. Which in retrospect I think was too small.  I covered the sand with a burlap sack to make a break between the sand the the cob.

Let the cobbing commence! I just kept through the mud on and pushing down against itself.
Shaping and sculpting is so fun.  I left it alone ’til the next day where I removed the sand and gave it a test firing.

It doesn’t work as well as I would like… darn. Oh well, it’s cob – I can start over. I think next spring I might make it bigger or cut into it and make a larger mouth. Possibly build up the chimney for more draw.
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