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No collection of Making Cob articles would be complete without “BobCob”. That is: Cobcat, Bobcat cob or tractor cob. Although foot mixing cob can be a tactile treat for your feet, after the 100th ton of mud one thinks to themselves: Is there another way to do this? Well, our friends at Clay Sand Straw have demonstrated that there is another way. Here is a video of Kindra mixin-mud in Hunt, Texas –  BobCob style.

Texas Natural Builders Pallet House

David Reed of Texas Natural Builders is in South Dakota.  They are working hard on the beautiful Pine Ridge Reservation to build a home for Walter and Alison YellowHair.  As the fall weather closes in they are looking for help finishing up.  Do contact David if your able to help.
I look forward to hearing more on how the pallet house evolves.

SunRay Kelly’s Extreme Crib

SunRay covered in earthen plaster

SunRay Kelly in the mud. Photo by Chris McClellan.

If you’ve voyaged into the realm of natural building you’ve probably seen the awe inspiring work of Master Sculptor Builder SunRay Kelly.  His sculptural homes seem to come straight out of a dream!  He has been a great teacher and inspiration for many.  Personally, the moment I saw a photo of the “The Yogurt” I was hooked on cob and the possibilities for our built environment.  Thanks SunRay!

I love this story on his website:

SunRay’s organic designs take their form from the shapes of living trees. His study of architecture and sculpture only reinforced his affinity for the forms Nature takes, in rejection of the artificial forms in rectilinear Western architecture.
The teacher in his first college drafting class told SunRay on seeing his designs,

“Learn to use a hammer, boy, because no one but you is going to be able to build that.”

SunRay’s work is showcased, by his  daughter Kumara, on MTV Extreme Cribs.
We get a tour through the one-of-a-kind homestead known as The Nature Village.

View more at SunRay’s site »

Firespeaking Wood-Fired Barrel Oven

I want one!  Here you can see the Wood-Fired Barrel Oven constructed at the Natural Building Extravaganza.
Learn more at Fire Speaking » Natural Building.


Check out the Build Your Own Barrel Oven book.



Living Earth Structures

Living Earth Structures Hut
The Dome Sauna by Miguel Elliot

Cob as a sculptural medium is realized when Miguel Elliot of Living Earth Structures is at the helm.  Miguel is an artisan and builder who offers cob construction services and workshops. Creating whimsical structures, ovens, cob saunas, and sculpture.  I was particularly impressed to see Miguel’s work in an urban setting at the Butterfly Social Club, in Chicago, IL.  Miguel transformed a night club with lively cob sculpture. If your ever in need of some inspiration stroll over to Miguel’s site!

Living Earth Structures »