Keep your hands in cob!

Cob is a fancy stuff

It’s molecules are constructed of a the very cosmic stuff that makes up the earth… well it is earth. This earth is a mixture of clay, sand and straw. Sometimes I call it adobe – un-serrated; monolithic adobe; puddled adobe. Cob translates to lump or mass from the old english. When making it, cobbers knead it like bread dough into cobs or hand sized balls. You can also spend less time by just grabbing bit chunks and applying it to the wall; this technique is called Daub Cob. You massage it into the wall with your hands and feet. And when they wear out a cobber’s thumb.

It fits a certain ergonomic and ecological profile. It’s additive and subtractive. Malleable and sculptable. You can recycle, reuse, and reconstitute it. Let it melt away back into the earth from which it came. Build sky scrapers with it, ovens, sheds, homes, garden walls. Make curves and sculptural spaces. The possibilities are endless.

It requires simple tools… Your hands and your feet, a bucket, tarp and shovel. Cobbing skills can be picked up in hours by young and old alike. Anyone can do it. Cob is fun to play with. It’s the quietest and least macho of the building techniques. No noise, no dumpsters on site, no swearing. It’s a meditative activity.

Cob gives you the perfect aerobic workout. It grounds you. It brings people together. It is a magical medium. Cob has low embodied fossil fuel energy. It’s locally available here on planet earth.
Go outside and play with it… I’m sure you will find it to be fancy stuff.

Who knows… it may change your life!